Approximately eight pounds of honey is eaten by bees to produce one pound of beeswax.

There are more than 347 different floral varieties of honey. Burleson’s Honey purchases many of these floral sources. The most readily known floral sources include the following:

This floral source is readily available throughout the midwestern United States. Canada is also a large producer of Alfalfa honey. Alfalfa honey is traditionally white or extra light amber in color with a very mild flavor. This honey is used primarily as a table-grade, consumer product.
Found in Southern Canada through Alabama and Texas, Basswood is a very bitter tasting product. It is often mixed with clover honey and found in many industrial or ingredient blends.
Found primarily in the northern United States in climates that are relatively cool and moist such as Minnesota, New York and Ohio. Buckwheat honey is known for its dark brown color and very distinctive flavor. It is primarily used as a “fill” honey for industrial and bulk customers.
Found throughout the United States and in many Southern Hemisphere regions. Clover honey is predominately white and is one of the more mellow flavor taste profiles. It is normally found in color ranges from water white to extra light amber. Its mild, delicate flavor makes it the ideal choice for consumers.
Orange Blossom
Found primarily in Florida, Texas, Arizona and California and is a source from citrus groves. Orange trees traditionally bloom in February, March and April, producing this excellent and distinctive tasting product. Orange Blossom honey ranges in color from white to extra light amber.
Relatively temperamental due to moisture constraints, Sage honey is generally white to water white. It is extremely mild in flavor and reminds many people of the taste of “cotton candy”.
Found primarily in the southeastern United States, Tupelo honey has a mild and pleasant flavor and will not granulate. It is an excellent source for consumer-grade product in that it is primarily water white to light amber in color.
Tallow (Chinese)
Found primarily along the Gulf Coast, Chinese Tallow is a very distinctive, dark honey that is utilized as an industrial or bulk ingredient honey. While too pungent for most consumers, it is ideally utilized when blended with other ingredients to still establish the sweet honey flavor that consumers have come to accept.

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