Honey bees can fly at speeds of up to 15 miles per hour.

Honey provides a natural source of energy because the carbohydrates in it supply fuel to the body. Honey is golden to athletes, like you and me, since it has the ability to immediately enhance our endurance and performance; furthermore, it decreases muscle exhaustion. The organic sugars, glucose and fructose, aid in preventing fatigue during athletic activities. The glucose found in honey is responsible for providing instantaneous energy; whereas fructose helps maintain energy because it is absorbed slower.

It doesn't take much honey to do the trick; one spoonful is all that is needed before working out.

Jonathan Horton, the lead gymnast on the U.S. team, has a blood sugar problem. His solution is honey. When he starts to feel shaky at the gym, he takes swigs of honey to boost his energy, Glassman said. According to Horton, the sugar rushes to his blood right away and he feels amazing for the next hour or so.

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