The average worker lives five to six weeks and will spend roughly the first three to 10 days of its life in the hive and the rest of the time procuring nectar.

Since 1907, Burleson's Honey has been manufacturing the highest-quality honey from our facility in Waxahachie, Texas. For the first 40 years of the history of our company, we operated as a honey beekeeping organization (producer) while also packing our honey for local distribution.

With company growth came increased opportunities to provide the highest-quality honey to more consumers. Today Burleson's purchases raw honey from worldwide sources. Before we ever bring product into our facility we grade it for color, flavor and moisture to ensure that it meets our high standards. With more than 347 floral varieties, honey is a complex tasting product. To ensure that every blend of our honey meets consumer needs, we thoroughly test it.

Burleson's is proud of our tradition of providing honey that meets the high standards our customers have come to rely on. Today we offer our Clover Blended product, which is found in our distinctive "Blue Label," as well as a Natural honey, which is darker and more robust in flavor. Both products contain only the finest U.S. Grade A honey. Burleson's abides by all Food and Drug Administration labeling requirements.

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Burleson's can be found in retail grocery stores throughout the central, southwest and southeast United States.
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