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Bulk Honey For Sale

Burleson’s offers bulk honey for sale to food and beverage manufacturers across the United States.

Consumers today are seeking cleaner options for their tables and their bodies. As a result, honey’s appeal as an ingredient has never been more universal. It is finding wider and broader use across numerous industries.

Businesses choose honey for its benefits as a natural sweetener. They choose Burleson’s as their bulk honey supplier because of our reputation for quality, service, and reliability.

Bulk honey for food and beverage products

Honey brings a distinctive presence to almost any food or beverage product. Whether the product is sweet or savory, honey provides the unparalleled goodness of an ingredient made by nature.

Honey is naturally gluten-free, fat-free, trans-fat free, cholesterol-free, sodium-free, and non-GMO. It’s a healthful alternative to processed sugar, corn-based sugars, and artificial sweeteners, and because it is naturally sweeter than sugar, the desired sweetness can be achieved with less volume.

Honey for Baked Goods

Bakers and other food processors are using honey to simplify ingredient lists, improve marketability, enhance flavor, and extend the shelf life of breads, sweet cereals, crackers, and food bars.

Honey for Brewing

Brewers around the world have discovered the benefits of honey as an ingredient. They’re incorporating it into a growing range of craft beers to add complex flavor profiles and sweet finishing notes.

For an example of how brewers and Burleson’s are working together, read this post in our blog about how Saint Arnold Brewing Co. used Burleson’s Texas Wildflower Honey in their Saint Arnold Icon Gold – Honey Saison.

Honey for Distilled Spirits

Distillers are also capitalizing on honey’s versatility. They’re distilling directly from honey, creating mead from honey and distilling that, or just using honey as a flavoring ingredient to create a truly memorable spirit.

As described in this post on our blog, Burleson’s recently collaborated with Texas distilled spirits maker Garrison Brothers to create their HoneyDew Straight Bourbon, a limited-edition bourbon whiskey infused with Burleson’s Texas Wildflower Honey.

Honey for Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Honey isn’t just for beer and spirits. Beverage makers today are adding the sweetness and healthy appeal of honey to everything from carbonated drinks and fruit juices to teas and sports drinks.

Honey for Candy

Honey is also a flavorful and authentic ingredient for a variety of candies and other sweets. It can be used as a sweetener, and also makes an amazing filling for all kinds of hard and soft candy. Using honey allows candy makers to add an element of nature and create an authentic, handcrafted feel for their products.

Honey for Pet Foods

Food isn’t just for people, and today’s pet owners are increasingly aware of what their animals are consuming. By incorporating honey and other natural ingredients into their products, pet food manufacturers are giving customers confidence that they are making a purchase that supports their pet’s health and happiness.

Why Burleson’s?

Once you’ve made the decision to incorporate the natural goodness of honey in your products, the next choice is where to go to buy honey in bulk. If you’re like some of the nation’s most trusted and best-known brands, you’ll choose Burleson’s.

At Burleson’s, we work with a wide range of food and beverage manufacturers to help them put the natural goodness of honey into their most popular products. We do this by offering unmatched customer service and providing top-quality, customized, True Source Certified® wholesale ingredient honey in sizes ranging from a 60-pound (5 gallon) pail to a 45,000-pound tanker.