honey with a heritage as big as texas

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honey with a heritage as big as texas

We’ve been proudly putting the Burleson family name on our True Source Certified honey for four generations. That’s honey done right since 1907.

More than 115 years ago, our great grandfather T.W. Burleson launched a new venture promising honey crafted with the integrity, ambition, and tradition of his Texas home. Today, the fourth generation of the Burleson family is still honoring these Texas roots and putting a bit of authentic Lone Star heritage into kitchens and lunchboxes nationwide.

Foodies, parents, and bee lovers know they can count on Burleson’s for sweet, golden, source-certified honey. Flavored creamed honey crafted with natural flavors and honey varietals with nothing added and nothing artificial. Harvested and bottled with a focus on delivering remarkable, rich taste. We’ve used this formula to make Burleson’s the South’s most trusted name in honey for more than eleven decades.

1903 Photo

T.W. Burleson purchases a colony of bees and honey supplies, and then receives another colony of bees as a gift in 1906. Soon thereafter, he decides to leave his position as the district clerk of Ellis County, Texas, and devote himself to apiculture full time.

1907 Photo

T.W. founds T.W. Burleson Honey Company, with its headquarters in his home at 1206 West Main Street in Waxahachie. He quickly builds the company into a complete beekeeping enterprise, collecting honey and bottling it for the general market.

1929 Photo

T.W.’s son, T.E. Burleson, Sr., graduates from Trinity University in Waxahachie and joins his father in the business. Together they launch T.W. Burleson & Son Honey Packers, which is the first commercial honey bottling plant in Texas.

1935 Photo

The company purchases its first long-haul truck, with a capacity of 18,000 pounds. The truck brings honey in 60-pound cans from southwest Colorado across the Continental Divide to the company’s packaging facility in Texas.

1936 Photo

The company moves from its original location on West Main Street to a much larger facility at 224 North Rogers Street in downtown Waxahachie.

1954 Photo

T.E. Burleson, Sr., who had taken over the company after T.W.’s death in 1944, decides to shift the company’s focus exclusively to honey processing and packaging. As part of this shift, he sells the company’s bees to its managers in Texas, Georgia, and Iowa.

1966 Photo

The company moves from downtown Waxahachie to a new location at 301 East Peters Street, where our current headquarters facility is equipped with state-of-the-art filling, capping and packaging systems.

1985 Photo

Burleson’s Honey is instrumental in the creation of the National Honey Board. T.E. Burleson, Jr., the son of T.E. Burleson, Sr., serves as vice-chairman of the board, and his daughter, Ame Burleson, is its first employee.

2011 Photo

Burleson’s Honey becomes a founding member of the True Source Certification program, which means that all of its products are harvested, transported, and packaged with full transparency and traceability. This is followed in 2013 by organic certification for Burleson’s organic products.

2019 Photo

Burleson’s remains a family-owned and operated business. There are multiple generations of the Burleson family involved in the company’s day-to-day operations. In addition, a third of Burleson’s Honey’s employees have been with the company for more than 20 years.

Burleson's Clover Honey Bottle

Company Profile

Burleson’s is the Southwest’s original and most recognized honey brand in Texas. We partner with the best beekeepers in Texas, the United States and other select regions to bring you the highest quality and most flavorful honey.

Through our relationships with these dedicated and diverse beekeepers, we deliver products thoughtfully crafted to respond to the unique tastes of every honey lover. Our distinctive varieties cover everything from straight-ahead bursts of natural sweetness to deep, full-bodied flavors. As a result, Burleson’s has the perfect honey complement for every dish, drink, or snack.

Best of all, every one of our honey varietals are True Source Certified.