helping bees sustain people and the planet

Along with making delicious honey, bees are an integral part of the earth’s ecosystem. The plants they pollinate produce the air we breathe and one-third of the food we eat.

To help bees maintain this delicately balanced system, we’re conserving a wide range of resources. And we’re continually looking for ways to further increase sustainability. We’re repurposing metal drums, recycling corrugate, and incorporating recyclable content in our packaging. In addition, we’re even encouraging the rendering of beeswax for use in other products.

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Certified Organic Honey

All of our honey is True Source Certified honey with no additives or artificial ingredients. And we go one step further with our Raw & Unfiltered Organic Honey. This honey is certified Organic by the Texas Department of Agriculture.

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Supporting Healthy Bees

We’re also doing our part to ensure the health of bees themselves. It makes sense, since the Burleson’s family name is built on bees. More than 115 years ago, we got our start in the honey community by supplying the equipment, bees, and expertise that launched the hives of some of the same beekeeping families we still work with today.

We’re continuing this commitment to the spread of healthy bee colonies with our active participation in the National Honey Board. Through the NHB, we commit significant time and financial resources every year to research and consumer education on bee health and the role bees play in a healthy ecosystem.