Introducing Burleson’s Flavored Creamed Raw Honey

We’ve added some of the tastiest flavors in nature to our rich, creamy honey to create a decadent and versatile new addition to our product family: Burleson’s Flavored Creamed Raw Honey.

Burleson’s Flavored Creamed Raw Honey combines the taste and texture of raw honey with natural flavors that perfectly accentuate your favorite foods and beverages.

Just like our original Honey Spread, the possibilities are endless. Stir it into your coffee or tea, use it on pancakes and French toast, or top off your morning toast, biscuit, muffin, or scone. Create a new sandwich sensation, or add it to your favorite ice cream or dessert. Rich and spreadable, it’s a natural source of energy that everyone can enjoy.

Your new favorite honey spread is available in strawberry and maple varieties.

Ask for it at your favorite retailer or find more information on our Spreadable Honey product page.